Enjoying The Great Outdoors Without Breaking The Bank at Seattle
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Enjoying The Great Outdoors Without Breaking The Bank

Enjoying the Great Outdoors without Breaking the Bank

Visiting Seattle Washington can be an infinitely fun experience. This experience can be magnified greatly if you find entertainment that is inexpensive of free. The good news is that this type of entertainment can be easily found in and around the Seattle area. The even better news is that I'm going to share some of the many great things you can do for free while visiting Seattle.

Some nation tend to scoff at the ideas of freebies, and that is all well and good. Those people are positively willing to pay over inflated prices for their entertainment while I hope you will impersonate wise enough to choose splurge that doesn't come with quite as much sting. Believe me when I say, you prepare not always get what you pay for and the clichés are correct. You will probably find that varied of the best things you find in Seattle are absolutely free.

The inaugural great place I'm going to tell you about is one of those indeed free places to visit. Not solo is existent great fun but it is educational as well. I sincerely hope that you will not let the price tag prevent you from the knowledge and good old - fashioned fun you can have at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. Professional is strikingly to do during your trip to the locks. A few great suggestions would be to walk in the gardens, digital watch the boats, visit the fish ladder ( little ones will bargain this completely fascinating ), and exploring the many exhibits in the area. You can even starch on a free guided inspect between the months of Tread and November.

Next, there is The Center for Wooden Boats. What boy doesn't like toys? Or girl for that matter, I know I'm game when certain comes to boats, particularly wooden boats. Not only can you go and explore the boats for free ride, on Sundays at 2: 00 ( weather permitting ) you can go wayfaring on one of these magnificent watercrafts for absolutely no charge. You can call ahead of time at ( 206 ) 382 - 2628 in cast to check water conditions. Because of the popularity of this program it is wise to arrive at least one hour ahead of time in order to participate in the 2: 00 sail. There are some Sundays when other events conflict with the Sunday sail so call to be sure that the sail will be offered. Of course, even without the Sunday sail the Center for Wooden Boats is still an excellent way to spend an afternoon dreaming about these fantastic toys.

Finally, I want to mention Ebey's Passage National Historic Reserve. This reserve was created in order to retain the natural history of the land. Coupeville is a 19th Century town that has been preserved in an attempt to portray an accurate term of what life here was twin. Qualified is a museum, gift shop, several eateries, and an antique shop that line the once vibrant seaside town. Then visit the Admiralty Head Lighthouse and many of the other attractions that abound. You can take your car and drive the length of the obscure. The drive is approximately 43 miles long and your driving time will depend greatly on the amount of time you spend exploring along the way. If you want to make a day trip of certain, you may want to pack a picnic lunch and plan your day accordingly.

Other activities that you may enjoy while visiting Ebey's Landing include: biking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, nature walks, scuba diving, wildlife viewing, and bird watching. Visiting this reserve is literally taking a act back in time. I hope you enjoy this place considering greatly as I do.

With so many great things to do for free, who would ever want to leave Seattle Washington? The best news is that this is only a small glimpse of the great ways to obtain fun while visiting this unique and wonderful city.




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