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Seattle Washington In A Glance

Seattle Washington in a Glance

If you've never experienced Seattle, Washington, now is as good a time as any to do so. Maybe soon is the best time ever for a nice visit to Seattle. Whatever your interests, there is sure to be something here that you will find appealing. From the great cultural centers to the fabulous sporting events and the wonderfully mild climate, Seattle is a great place to visit.

In addition to the wonderful climate, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that should keep you, and anyone traveling with you industrious for quite some time. The biggest disputed point I foresee is finding know stuff is totally much to do and too stunted time in which to do live all. Such is the bane of vacations. Seattle is a town that has natural beauty and is surrounded not only by water, but by delightful countryside as well. The views all around are nonentity short of spectacular and I'm sure that you will find plenty to do to keep everyone in your clambake entertained and jovial.

For those who zeal culture, there are many opportunities to soak up all the culture you can manage. From wine tours to museums and gourmet food, Seattle has uncommonly to offer the discerning tourists. Not to mention Benaroya Hall whereabouts the symphony performs and other cultural experiences such as the Seattle Opera or the Seattle Chamber Music Society. If this isn't enough for your more valuable demands there is the Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

For those of us with more sophomoric pursuits there is plenty around to keep our minds and hearts entertained. In supplement to the activities mentioned exceeding, there are plenty of sights to see in Seattle. There are walking tours around the city, driving tours to outlying areas and even duck tours, which are sure to delight the little ones among us.

For those who have an hobby in pop culture there is the Experience Music Project, which is truly unique and very much worth the hefty price tag that admission demands. If you are going to make one splurge during your trip to Seattle alone, this would epitomize the one I recommend incredibly strongly. If money is no object, then count yourself blessed and take a look at what this 'experience' has to offer. In addition to the Experience Music Stay there is the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. As a science fiction enthusiast, this is a favorite of mine.

If you like animals, there is plenty to offer in Seattle. There is Cougar Mountain Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, the Seattle Aquarium, Northwest Trek, Wolf Haven, and the Woodland Park Zoo in addition to the numerous whale - watching tours that are available.

If you near studying about other cultures, perhaps you should visit the International District, take a tour to Tillicum Village, visit the Wing Pond Asian Museum, or Uwajimaya Village. Each of these places offers a glimpse into the lives of those from other cultures.

In addition to all of these really fun things there are professional sports for almost every deal in in Seattle. For basketball there are the Seattle Sonics ( NBA ) and the Seattle Storm ( WNBA ). If your interest lean toward football, you commit be happy to know that the Seahawks call Qwest Field home and baseball fans will be delighted that the Seattle Mariners are still playing at Safeco Field. For the hockey fans around, there are Seattle Thunderbirds, which are part of the Western Hockey Union and call the Key Arena home.

These are only a small sampling of the countless great things to do and see while visiting Seattle Washington. Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and it is quite unlikely that even the fastest among us can enjoy all that this great city has to offer its visitors in a day either. Take your time and remember that it is very likely that if you didn't bend to one of your destinations today, it will be there tomorrow.




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