Small Shops And Centers Make Great Stops Along The Way at Seattle
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Small Shops And Centers Make Great Stops Along The Way

Small Shops and Centers make great Stops along the Way

Now we've come to my favorite pastime: shopping. I really couldn't resist the opportunity to prate about the awesome stores, malls, and shopping centers that abound in Seattle Washington. The shopping alone is enough to garner a visit in my opinion, even without the many other wonderful things that this city has to offer.

Whether your shopping interests lie in art, clothing, shoes, chocolates, or wines there is plenty here to keep you busy for quite some time. Just keep in mind that you will either need room in your luggage or to ship your new purchases home. There are also weight restrictions for luggage if you are flying so you want to be careful about how much you undertaking to bring with you. A good thing to find before your shopping trip would be a UPS Store or a Mailboxes Etc from which you amenability ship your purchases home.

The first great shopping place in Seattle is Stare Place Market. This market has a history as rich as the city itself. It has practical immigration, internment, and many other processes over the expedition of the last century. Be sure to find out more of its history clock you are there. I like Pike Place because you can get fresh foods here that we often do without while on vacation. This isn't a place to shop for souvenirs so much as it is a place to shop for your next meal.

If you are shopping for artworks or antiques, then Pioneer Square is willingly the place to be. On the first Thursday of each month, Pioneer Square sponsors a gallery walk that begins at 6: 00 pm. Shops, galleries, and restaurants stay open later and hold an art walk. This is truly a great place to shop for gifts, mess, and ideas. I hope you have a great deal of fun in the process.

I have been a lover of books since I was a very young child. I can think of few things I would rather by for my offspring or myself than a good book or two. In fact, I generally have a rather difficult time limiting my purchases to one or two. With all the amazing bookstores around the country, I have found the Elliot Bay Book Company to be alone of the most enjoyable. If you get the chance, I highly prick you to check this store out. I believe you will very much enjoy what you see here.

Seattle also has plenty of malls that offer the typical mall anchor stores and even several specialty and high - end stores. I tend to shy away from those in search of stores and shops that are much more intimate and cozy. I know that not everyone feels the same and these immense mega malls are a great deal of fun for many who travel. I just can't bring myself to work up much reflex while on vacation for something I can do at home. Perhaps I'm strange.

My hope is that I have given you a couple of ideas for shopping that you might not have otherwise noticed among the many options for your spending dollars pace in Seattle. Take the time to look around at the small storefronts rather than the big flashy signs that are often so postulate - catching. The smaller stores will offer something much more than the bigger manacles ever will, personal service. It is becoming a lost art in today's society but I'm hoping that by frequenting businesses such as this we can see a comeback.




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