City Pass Offers Great Price For Popular Attractions at Seattle
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City Pass Offers Great Price For Popular Attractions

City Pass Offers Great Price for Popular Attractions

If you're planning a visit to Seattle Washington and will be spending a few days in town, you might seriously consider purchasing a city pass. This pass bequeath allow you to experience several of the more popular attractions this great city has to offer at a fraction of their regular prices. It will again allow you daytime ( 6 am through 7 pm daily ) transportation through the cities Metro system. This pass is good for nine days from its first use and provides you with several options for activities during your survive.

The first activity offered by these passes is a weekend to the Museum of Flight. Watch in amazement as the history of flight comes to life right before your very eyes. From a tour of the original Predilection Force one to flight simulators of modern day jet flights this museum has a little bit to offer every kid, big and small, in your group. Enjoy the many exhibits and family activities that are available here and have fun exploring the history of pace both personal and military in out country. This is something I would recommend even if it weren't part of the pass and is well worth a visit.

The Seattle Harbor tour is the next event on this list. This tour is offered by Argosy Cruises and will probably be a highlight of your time in Seattle. If not a repeat, then perhaps the boost you needed to try some of the more elaborate tours that Argosy has to offer. This tour lasts about an hour long and provides a tour of the bay ticks pointing out some of the stunning scenery that surrounds Seattle. You do have the option of upgrading your cruise to unaccompanied of the others offered by Argosy for an additional fee. If you've never been in open water before, I recommend starting with a smaller cruise and seeing how your sea legs ( and stomach ) measure up before embarking on a longer or cheer cruise.

Next is a favorite for children of all ages - yes, moms and dads count. This is a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. This zoo has won awards for its natural looking exhibits and delights guests with them as well. This zoo is much more than lions, tigers, and bears. This zoo has great deal to offer any family who would make a day of it, and I seriously recommend that that is precisely what you do. Span you're there, you might want to step over to the rose garden neighboring door ( the rose garden is free of charge but quite beautiful ) and enjoy the beauty and aroma the roses present.

Next is the Pacific Science Center. From video games and laser shows to fascinating science exhibits the Pacific Instruction Center really is a fun place to visit. While you're there you might want to shake hands out the IMAX theatre and see what is playing. Among the permanent exhibits is a Dinosaur exhibit from the Mesozoic Era, a tropical butterfly house, an Insect Village, and a saltwater Tide Pool station little ones can see and touch copious of the creatures that can be found in the Puget Sound.

And finally, the Seattle Aquarium, which really needs no explanation. Explore life under the sea and the many salt water and fresh water creatures that can be found in and around the Puget Sound. This will be a highlight for everyone in your group I can almost guarantee.

If any of these or most of these is appealing to you and / or those you are traveling with, then purchasing a city pass is probably a wise investment. Even if you don't visit all of the attractions, you can save jack by visiting a few.




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