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Seattle's Rich Train History Brings Out The Inner Child In Us All

Seattle's Rich Train History Brings out the Inner Child in us All

Boys and girls of all ages love trains and trains have played a vital role in the history of this country and Seattle Washington and the Northwest in particular. In fact, the roles of trains on this part of the country have in the past been so vital that expert are a few museums dedicated to that very important mode of transportation. Trains were essentially lifelines for the populations here for many years. While their importance seems to be diminishing in today's society, their importance throughout the history of our county remains.

If you truly are a train lover, then it shouldn't be difficult to talk you into stopping by Seattle's Train Center before and after touring the museums dedicated to trains and their importance in history. The Train Center offers a wide selection of model train parts and pieces that would make excellent additions to your collection or a great beginning to a collection for you or your little alone.

After you've whetted your appetite for trains and gotten your little one all excited about them, it is time to talk a walk back in space to the Northwest Railway Museum. Here you can learn about railway history or even choose to take a ride on one of the trains that departs for several excursions throughout the day. Most of the trips are 65 - 75 minutes long and a great treat for young and old alike. Perhaps the beyond compare thing about this museum is that their main objective is to educate the public about the important role that railroads had in the development of this part of the country.

If you're really interested in sharing your love of trains with the ones you devotedness, you may consider taking a turn on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. This is a great way to not only get the evidence of riding the rails but to take in some of the beautiful Washington scenery and have a gourmet meal in the process. During the months of November through April up to two children ride free with a paying adult. There are certain restrictions as to the type of seating, but it is a great time to enjoy the experience at a greatly reduced price. There are also exclusive events such as Murder Mystery Trains and Magic and Illusion shows in addition to definite holiday events as wrapped tight. Be sure to check out what's going on while you're visiting Seattle and see if this is something that strength pastime you and your family.

If you are up for a not so short drive to Pasco ( about three and a half hours from Seattle ), you might find the Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum well worth the trip. Be sure to remember that the museum is only opened on Saturday and that the hours are limited so this is a trip you need to plan in instance to cut. The greatest thing about this museum to me is the fact that there are neat little stories, like the blackboard that recorded the first snowfall at the depot each year and others such as this. It's the little stories that don't necessarily make history that do make lasting impressions and I'm glad to see this particular story is being shared. Just commemorate, when visiting any of these depots, museums, and train tours that you absolutely must bring your inner child with you in placement to properly enjoy them.




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