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If you truly love the outdoors and all things that belong to nature then Seattle Washington is largely a great place for you to visit. Stash the climate, the terrain, and the beautiful surroundings, this city truly has the highest of most worlds. Mountains, volcanoes, trees, sand, and sea can all be found in and around this truly unique city.

In adjunct to the great scenery that abounds, there are many places you can go to get a better view of the local wildlife. This is, after all, an integral allotment of nature and the little ones that you've brought along ( if you've brought little ones along ) will thoroughly enjoy seeing all of the animals.

Seattle has the distinct benefit of having and / or being within easy driving distance of several zoos and aquariums as well as other unique opportunities to see wildlife in more natural habitats and surroundings. Below I will lease a brief overview of some of them that will hopefully whet your appetite and encourage you to at the precise least gift these outings serious consideration.

The first wildlife exhibit I would like to point out is a bit of a drive from Seattle but well worth every mile. Northwest Trek is a 715 - acre grounds, which offers a tram tour through 435 acres of land where animals are free roaming in their natural habitats. There are 30 genre represented along the trek and more than 200 animals within those species. This is a great way to see American animals without cages and bars surrounding them.

The next one I'd near to adduce is Wolf Sanctuary International. This method provides rescue and church for captive born wolves. Wolf Haven also offers education to the public at large about these great animals. 45 minute to one turn walking tours are offered daily and walking tours are the only way you can actually see the wolves. If you have even the most remote interest in these beautiful creatures, I highly recommend a visit to Wolf Haven being a potential highlight of your operation to Seattle.

Next on my list of unique opportunities to view wildlife is the Cougar Mountain Zoo. This zoo is unique because of its focus on endangered species. Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about this particular zoo is its focus on educating visitors about the animals it hold. The zoo hosts several lectures throughout the day on the various animals it holds. Not only is there the magic of rare and beautiful creatures but a profound lesson that can be learned about conservationism and the precedence of each and every creature in the circle of life. I think this is totally a unique opportunity that would be a shame to miss.

One of the activities people think of notably when visiting Seattle is of course, whale watching. I would absolutely be remiss if I didn't include information about that here thanks to well. There are several charter companies that offer whale - watching excursions leaving daily from Seattle. The most popular time of year to do hence is from April through September and the San Juan Islands are a great general area in which to see these magnificent creatures. My recommendation is to make reservations early, especially during the peak whale - watching season. Not only do you get to see the great whales, but you also get to proceeds a boat ride in the process. For me, being on the water is just as wonderful an experience was watching the whales.

These are some of the more uncommon and unique places to view animals in and around Seattle, Washington. If you are planning a visit to this area and you lust animals, nature, and wildlife, each of these places has something special and extraordinary to offer its guests. Not only are these places to view superb and magnificent creatures but also receive an education about them as well. My fondest hope is that you will visit each of these places and find the experience as incredible as I do.




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