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If you are looking for a romantic getaway, look no further than Seattle Washington for your next vacation. There are so many wonderfully romantic things to do in this wonderful city and it rains literally half the time, which provides an excellent excuse for cuddling beneath an umbrella. Even those who are romantically challenged would be hard pressed not to asset something romantic to do in this great city.

If you are at a complete loss as to where you should start, start by holding hands. Then you can hold hands all the way through the Woodland Stadium Rose Garden. Admission to the garden is free and scents and scenery are quite romantic, especially if your date is a flower lover. If he or she is not, then there are divers other options whence don't despair.

Among those other options would be a wine tasting. If your date enjoys a nice glass of wine, there are several vineyards in and around Seattle that offer daily wine tours which end in a wine tasting. Even if this would be your first time drinking wine as a couple it could be a great deal of fun and you could have fun learning about each others likes and dislikes when it comes to wine. On the flip side there are also several breweries in the area where you and your date could sample beers and microbrews as well. Either way, trying new things well-adjusted is a great way to strengthen your relationship, even early on.

If you really want to impress your date, book a hot air balloon extend. A ride like this, especially at the right time of day can not only be a lot of fun, it can also be extremely romantic. Masterly is someone else to accomplish the driving and the two of you are left to say and enjoy the magnificent scenery that surrounds the great city of Seattle.

In addendum to each and every one of these ideas there are several other things you can do to bring out your inner romantic fool. Try walking in the rain without an umbrella. You are in Seattle after all; there should be rain at some point during your travels. Try a night at the theatre or ballet. Guys you cannot imagine how effective this is in proving your love to your noblewoman. There are diverse theatres within the city to choose from. If you like old silent movies and will be in town on Monday night, you can catch Silent Movie Mondays at the Paramount.

You can ride the Opportunity Needle to the Observation Deck and look out at the city lights or you could take a romantic nightfall cruise on one of the many charter boats in and around the city. The Wooden Boat Museum is a great reservation to find a nice romantic boat to charter, or if you would rather go during the day in hopes of sighting some whales, there are several larger excursions that you could charter as well.

The love line, is that anything you do together that you both agree on and inspection forward to burden be a benevolent outing. The purpose of your trip is to build your relationship and have fun together. So go out, have fun, and remember why you attachment each single in the first region.




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